Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Flies

I got a couple of hours of really good tying practice in. Watched a video from about carp flies that got me thinking, so I sat down for a while.

The softies on the bottom were more practice carp flies. The woolly was the first one I tied. The other top two were experiments. I'm sure something will eat them!

I went fishing during lunch hour twice this week. Carp were dolphining one day. Wind was up the next, so not a lot of surface activity. I just can't SEE them to cast to them! I'm casting blind! I won't give up, though. I'll just keep drooling over John Montana's Carp on the Fly, and envision myself as a successful carper. 

Project healing waters has been on my mind a lot lately. 

I still would love to volunteer for them, and will continue to find the closest organization. There really is healing that happens with fly tying/fly fishing.


It's late. 12:30 AM here. Waiting for the wonderful wife to get off work. Tight lines and sweet dreams, everyone.

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