Friday, March 29, 2013

Complete List of DNR Pages By State

Thanks to the Nebraska Game and Parks website for leading the way! I've added their list of each DNR for each state as a separate page. Hope y'all find it useful!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen... Bob the Dog!

I posted a post as a commercial a little while back for the Bake Sale our little girl Ruth was doing.

To reiterate:

  • Ruth had wanted a dog for about 18 months.
  • Ruth had been saving and saving; she saved about $27 between donations and sticker book expenses.
  • Ruth and her mother decided to have a bakesale.
The target amount to earn was about $75, because that's how much it would cost.

Wrong. It's $175. Didn't find that out till later. 

Did it matter? No. Just you wait.

We posted a flyer on Facebook and mentioned it to family. Then the orders kept ROLLING IN. They just kept coming. Like zombies. 

"We need to use knives! Save ammunition!"

And use knives they did. Butter knives. Cutting knives. Cookie cutters. Food processor blades.

Not on zombies, you dork. On cookie dough, Krispy Treats and man-oh-man on some pie dough. 

Ruth Pie-doughing it up.

If you ever want a delicious pie, you need to order one of my wife's apple pies. If you're local, she'll make one for you for $12 or $14 dollars or however much they cost. They were the rage. I wish I had more pictures. 

At any rate, Ruth earned a wopping:


She worked hard through the whole process. She cut things. Mixed things. Baked things. Opened things. Timed things. She applied almond bark to chocolate things.

Thanks to all of YOUR contributions, she not only earned a costs-more-than-expected dog, but she bought it a crate, food, toys and some toys. And a collar and a leash, then some more toys.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bob the Dog.

Spring Warmup and wormdrowing...

It's fishing season again. Omaha has been experiencing a longer-than-anticipated winter, much like the rest of the country. With temperatures in the mid-40's and the sun shining pretty brightly for the second day in a row, I decided to gear up and head out to a nice spot, if nothing else than to go for a nice walk.

Wind was at about NNE 15mph; it was brisk but not unmanageable. Every once in a while, the wind would die down and my black jacket would warm up nicely. Geese and ducks were thick in certain parts of the lake.

First fly I tied on was a Meat Whistle, gifted by an acquaintance from BNI:

I'm very excited to try this when it warms up. It is a very good leech. I fished along familiar, submerged timber. Nothing. Fished rocky shallows. Nothing. Moved down further. Nothing.

You get the picture.

Chatted with a worm-drowner (I am one, too, so I can call him that) who told me about spots further down. Followed him, looked around. Cast a few times. Nothing.

More the of the same picture. 

On the way back to the car, the gentleman had a bucket half-full of bluegills and hybrids, so I know they are awake. Skunked on the first time out, but hey... it was fun.