Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Catch Updates!

Had some time yesterday after a service call not 3 minutes from Carter Lake, so I hopped over and dropped a bead-head soft-hackle about 10 ft. off of shore. Didn't take long to feel bumps.

I'm trying to do better about my handling, so I kept this bad boy in the water for the photo. You can see the breast starting to brighten  and the purple hue setting in. I think this means he's a bull.

I've mentioned the bass fry at Carter Lake a couple of times. They stocked it fresh last year with different sizes. The largest I've caught in there was about 11 inches. This guy was maybe 3 inches. 4 tops. Loved him some tiny soft hackle, though.

Puts me at a Rainbow, a gill and one tiny LMB for the year so far!


  1. Stop over to Bill Trussels site (Fishing through life). He's the Blue Gill expert. He can tell you whether it's a boy or girl.

  2. Anthony
    Nice male bluegill and bass as well--thanks for sharing