Friday, April 26, 2013

Boys Town Lake

My wife and I took advantage of a 45 degree+ overnight and a 65 degree day and went to the lake on the Boys Town Campus.

It was a beautiful day with a 10 mph breeze at our backs. The bluegill were biting and my wife smacked into a nice little LMB on regular tackle pretty early.

I kept having bluegill smack my double-soft hackle setup, but couldn't set the hook. The unweighted fly was pretty dull, so I figured that was the problem. But eventually it worked out!

There is only one thing better than catching some fish on the fly, and that's catching some fish with my wife. She is the most wonderful woman, and I think she's handling the stresses of life and motherhood quite well.

Love you, dear.

Now, a video of a cat catching a bird out of mid-air.

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