Tuesday, April 2, 2013

(First Fish Alert!) The Hybrid/Carp Carrot Attempts and an Added Suprise

John Montana over at Carp on the Fly did a great post on Carp Flies. He brought out some patterns that are a little beyond his normal soft-hackles that he swears by. Being bound and determined for some successful carping this year, I decided to sit at the bench and rig up some attempts. Not that they're great. Because they're not.

The first fly that really intrigued me was John's version of the Carp Carrot. It was a soft hackle with bead eyes and a sweet rubber tail.

The colors on this bug are fantastic. I judged the length of the tail as best as I could, and I can't match the stinger hook, but I tried. Also, string-bead eyes are hard to come by in my house.

That's the one that felt the best to tie, but the others were fun. I can't wait to get these in front of some carp. 

Tuesday afternoons are a great time because my wife is at work until 6, leaving me and the girls up to our own devices. 

We NEVER get to go out and do things, so I decided Tuesdays would be a go-to day for field trips. I'll take them fishing a lot, but it will also serve for zoo trips, outside play, etc. 

Today we went to an "actively fishing youth/elderly" pond called Benson Pond. I fished my 5w with the beadless fly at the very top right of the group picture. The girls took their little nets and played in the water while I watched for activity and blind-casted here and there.

Heading around the NW part of the pond, I was blind casting and felt a familiar tug. It felt good! I lifted the rod, and felt the fight begin. I figured it was a green sunfish, or a small hybrid. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, our first fish of the year:

I was so surprised to see a rainbow trout emerge! I forgot to break the barb while tying the fly, but I was able to get it smashed and back out the hook while the fish was in the water. 

It's interesting to note that the water is already starting to get too warm for them. This bad boy was sluggish after a short run. They aren't getting much food. I don't know how I feel about the trout stocking yet. It's kind of sad that they are bred and released only to be either harvested or die of oxygen starvation. Anyway, I let him go. Didn't realize the pond was stocked!

Thanks for some inspiration, John. I'm still looking for some fins!


  1. Hey tony. From what I've read, that carpin' thing is a whole nuther ballgame. Go get 'em.