Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fishing update since last post...

.... the end.

No, really, it has been dead. We've been between 28 degrees and 35 degrees for what feels like two weeks. Action has slowed to a halt, but today is the start of a really warm run. Took the baby girl Eva out to the pond and got some nibbles, so that's promising.

Carter Lake on one of many frigid days
Many people might wonder why I put on my winter coat, then a quasi waterproof coat with a hood, then my fly vest, hunting gloves with the fingertips cut off, and no water protection on my legs in 30 degree weather with rain, snow and mist.

That's a great question. Why do we do it?

I think I did it a lot over the last two weeks to prove whether or not I could catch a fish in that kind of weather. Of course I didn't catch anything, but I got bites. And I saw the outdoors. I was miserable in many instances, but felt accomplished, and at least proved to myself that I tried.

Another HUGE blessing and reason why I love my new job is that I am 5 minutes away from favorite fishing holes. I eat lunch at my desk, then hit the water for a break. Frankly, I don't care if I don't catch anything. I get to take a break during the day and fish. That is fantastic. Hopefully I can get some lunch reports in like Dave.

Hope to take the wife out and scout some water this evening, then later this week. Then I can get some pictures on the board.

And by the way... how do I upload pictures to Picasa now? They don't work for me. Leave a comment if you've got any idea. Tight lines.


  1. You'll get it done...and the water will finally be getting warmer soon! :)
    This early in the season...I totally recommend a small microjig under an indicator. Fish may not be willing to chase down a small streamer yet, but a nearly motionless microjig will get plenty of strikes...and the strikes are aggressive! I've been fishing mostly 12" to 24" below the indicator. Just cast out, let it rest a few seconds, give it a couple short sharp strips, rest a few seconds...repeat all the way back to shore. It works great.

  2. Grabbing a cast on a lunch break. That is a sweet gig. Well done my friend.