Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fishing Update: Cold Weather

The fishing was starting to heat up at the beginning of last week with 40-50 degree days, plus our first 50 degree overnight. I tied all kinds of soft-hackles and other good buggies.

Then a cold front rolled in and put things to a halt. We're still in the chill. Didn't stop me, though.

Monday evening at the beginning of the cold front I hit Carter Lake. Ended up pretty wet, but I kept my back to the drizzle and tossed a dual-fly combination with a bead-headed soft hackle first and a plain soft hackle about two feet away. (Still dreaming of blind-catching a carp, if possible.) I was specific in targeting bluegill.

I caught four LMB and one bluegill, all fingerlings. Of interesting note, they all hit the bead.

I have to admit, with this lake, I'm always glad to not dredge up a human thumb.

Nom Nom

Can you spot the fish?!

Thursday of this week, I hit the water up at Lake Cunningham at an old haunt from two years ago with no success. Placid water with occasional wind movement. It is right next to a levy, so the rain/drizzle/snow was coming straight down for most of the time. Beautiful, quiet site and a chance to practice casting.

I also had a chance to go to the "fishing store" (Bass Pro) with my daughters. My sister, Jennifer, she lives real close with her three daughters, so I picked up Leila, one of the twins. She has had a hard time going through the difficulties of not having a dad around. I figured she doesn't have a man to just take her out and do things with her, to show that they want her around. We had fun.

Eva, Ruth, Leila (left to right, respective) and a fat and sassy carp in the background.
My family will always be the second best catch ever. The first best will always be my sweetheart.

Tight lines everyone!

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