Friday, June 7, 2013

Lunchtime Report for... yesterday.

Ok, a day late. Sorry!

Went to the SW corner of Cunningham by the dam. There is a drain station there loaded with flotsam. It is a DREAMY carp flat with dolphins flopping everywhere 30-40 ft away from shore. West side of drain station is a cove, max depth of about 18-24". Perfect for bluegill, and they are big this year. I think I'm actually pretty grateful for bucket brigades on this water.

Started throwing a white Walmart popper by itself. It was about 15 mph headwind, so I would imagine the fish weren't paying attention to the surface.

Tied on a bead-head soft-hackle and BAM.

Little green sunfish. Bad picture. 5 inches long, maybe.

I kept getting strikes. The bead would pull the walmart popper down, so it was a slow steady descent. I put it in deeper water and would let it sink before "popping" it under water.

I knew there was action to be had right by the outflow of the drain station, so I dropped it right in front.

These were little flies, people! This was the first bass to hit. It was a thrill to see it fight on such a small fly. 

I cast around for a while more. Didn't want to try to cove because I was working and afraid of ticks. No luck. 

Put the fly right by the front of the drain again.

All in all, a great lunch break... now WHERE are those hungry carp?!

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