Saturday, June 15, 2013

6/15 report, and week anecdotes

Took off about 10 to a carp flat looking for active fish.

Heavy storms and high winds have dropped activity levels. Carp a a little deeper, with the little guys feeding more sporadically close to shore. No opportunities to sight cast, really. Tried to put the fly near some breakers with the intent of trying to catch some in feeding patterns. No luck.

Found the darnedest thing, though. A beaver lodge.

Unbeknownst to me, beavers are friggin' EVERYWHERE in Nebraska. You've got to be kidding me. This amazing engineer, and the largest rodent in North America, doesn't just live in the Rockies?

Wait, it's not carnivorous and eats primarily tree bark?! Seriously?! Mind = blown.

Dropped a HORRIBLE chenille San Juan Worm - horrible because it's the cheap chenille that just falls apart; turned into a black string with a bead on it. I need to tie some more of these.

I felt the tug almost immediately. I was SHOCKED. I pulled up sharply, and set the hook with everything I could muster.

Shot that thing right out of the water, you wouldn't believe it.

Beautiful weather. Wonderful clouds... a little heavy on the wind, but all-in-all, the best way to spend a lunch hour in my opinion.

Just saw this on Facebook and had to add it. Love it!

Orvis Instruction on how to catch carp.

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