Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Day Week

Memorial Park, Omaha. A big thank-you to servicemen and women everywhere.
Memorial day is an emotional soft spot for me. So many men and women in uniform have died fighting in the armed services. I am overwhelmed when I attend services like the one pictured above. I feel grateful beyond expression for their sacrifice.

It was a great week on many levels.

One of the other highlights was a highly successful morning of fishing in the rain. After doing some research on the internet about burying fish guts for fertilizer, my friend and I hit an over-stocked/full-of-stunted-sunfish pond in CB and harvested a bunch.

Some white crappie and a bluegill
In my post about planting a fish, I miscounted. There were more white crappie in that bucket. These are just the too-small-to-filet ones. Nevertheless, there was a yummy catfish, a larger crappie and a green sunfish that yielded tasty goodness.

I planted the too-small-to-eat fish and the remains of the others near my broccoli, cucumbers, roses and other flowers.

When I was done, there was some fishy-smelling residue in my bucket, so I made a slurry and dumped it around my potted tomatoes. They turned a deeper green color and started sprouting "sappers" like crazy afterward. They loved it!

Tight lines, everyone.

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