Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day, "Born to Run", and Baby Girl

I had honestly forgotten Father's Day usually brought gifts until my wife handed me beautiful cards from my daughters and an opened FedEx envelope.

Inside? XeroShoes.

My beautiful wife ordered me the 6mm black Contact featured here.

"I tried looking for minimalist shoes, but you've got such big hobbit feet... I just got you some of these," she remarked.

I was so thrilled. I had wanted to try Merrel brand shoes, but they were above $100 and nowhere near my width of foot. This was better. I felt a thrill as I took them out and got ready on the instructions.

Later on that day, they were done.

I took them for a test jaunt yesterday for a few blocks - since it is crucial to go suuuuuper easy at first after years of foot binding to avoid stress fractures, etc - and loved them. In fact, it was like being a kid again. I love that thrill of "feeling the world".

They are super light-weight being nothing more than a 6mm pad of textured rubber. All they are for is making sure you don't tear your foot up on glass, rocks and other debris while out and about.

Yesterday, I couldn't help myself. I had to run. I started jogging behind the lawn mower. After a bit, I put on the side-eject attachment - allowing for faster travel with same cut - and took off my grubby tennis shoes to put these bad boys on. Beat my 1 1/3 hour mowing time for my and my neighbors lawn by completing in 35 minutes, and I was looking around at other possible lawns.

The fact is, I've been astounded by the facts presented in a book recommended - and gifted to me - by a fellow runner at work. 

I've been more than astounded. I feel inspired. It makes sense! Among many other interesting points, and a wonderfully gripping storyline, McDougall extrapolates on:

  • The correlation between commercialized footwear and injury
  • The way the human body is formulated for endurance and long-distance running at speed
  • The freedom that comes from one of humanity's hard-wired proficiencies
  • One of my favorites, "Persistence Hunting"
This book is moving. I have no other way of explaining it. I highly recommend it to anyone who runs or wants to run. It will help open your eyes to the truth of our bodies and what we can do and entertain you all at the same time. 

Don't read it if you are sensitive to language, though. He doesn't pull any punches on quoting his acquaintances verbatim.

Even more moving was the ultrasound yesterday wherein we found out we're having another girl!

She is due the first week of November. It will be lots of drama and creativity, attitude and sensitivity. It will be epic. 

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