Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hey Guys, Look What I Tied!


A great, big, huge thank-you goes out to Jim Smith at FAOL for contributing so many cool looking materials and hooks to my growing collection of fly-tying materials.

When I checked in with him about what to tie, he mentioned a few patterns, but the Soft Hackle was probably the most intriguing, because of the mighty carp and John Montana's many adventures with them. I really wanted to try a weighted head, so I found some chain bead in the light from upstairs and found it quite excellent. (My wife asked last night, "What happened to the pull string?" I let her know I trimmed it. It definitely got put to good use!)

The first two pictures I what I like to call the TGCB (Tony Gardner Carp Buster). Now, will it bust carp? Who the heck knows, but just as Po's adopted father says, "There is no secret ingredient. You just have to believe it's special!"

And then there's this little dandy.

The Cape Nodge
This was my lame-as-a-three-legged-horse attempt at a weighted-eye hackle-less Woolly Bugger.

I called my four year old out of her room and asked her what the soft hackle looked like. She said, "Oh, a bug."

Then I asked her what the brown one looks like. She said, "Ummm... a mouse, or... it's a cape nodge!"

"A cape nodge? What's a cape nodge?"

"Hm... it's a fly you fish with."

"Oh. Well I think I'm going to call it that! The Cape Nodge."

"Yeah!" she said.

Good times. Can't wait to bust some carp.

By the way, anybody tried to tie any variations on Price's Raton?


  1. Decent looking flies! The TGCB 1 and 2 should definitely be carp slayers. The Cape Nodge looks a lot like a hackleless bugger that I tie. The different is that I wrap the body in estaz for a lot of flash. Black has been the number one producer in that pattern in all water conditions.

  2. The first WB I tied looked worst than that. I just threw it into a drawer and forgot about it. Although I have to say that the biggest trout (make that the second biggest) I've caught was on a rust WB. Cape Nodge should work great.


  3. Anthony
    Both patterns would get some attention, but the soft hackle would be the one I would used the most. Thanks for sharing

  4. Oh, definitely the soft hackle is a bugging looking fly. That hackle less WB will surprise you, too! Looking good, Anthony!