Sunday, May 20, 2012

Texas, and a fishing report.

Went out to the Pond on Friday morning, and had a great time! Wind semi-constant at about 15 mph with gusts up to 30. I learned real well how many times I can false cast with my rod arm downwind. The fish would still hit on my chugger close to shore, though. Caught a bunch of greenies and a bluegill, then a nice 14"-16" largemouth.

Had some more good times with it, but then switched to an olive weighted Woolly because of the chop on the water. Immediately hooked into another largemouth, slightly bigger, then moved down and hooked into one bigger yet. 16"+.

Olive Woolly fish #1

Olive Woolly fish #2

Now, I'm in Houston for ASPIRE, a training program for Terminix. "Bug School" my manager called it. Can't wait for tomorrow! It's a week long, so no fishing reports for a few days. But I'll try to forward cool stuff from the blogosphere and/or do reviews of my gear.

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