Thursday, May 24, 2012

Almost home, and the Snake Charmer

My trip to Houston is winding to a most definite close. I am checking out of the hotel tomorrow morning for my last four hours of class, then its the waiting game. I get out of class at about 1, get picked up by the shuttle at 3:40, then head to the airport and take off pretty quick. I arrive after 8 pm.

I have missed my wife very dearly on this trip. I've thought a lot about all the wonderful things that I enjoy in life, one of them being fly fishing, and I am amazed at how sharing that and everything else with her amplifies the experience.

I did not get to share this trip with her, and it stinks.

Before we left, we watched Kung Fu Panda 2. Yeah, definitely need to chalk that one up on the list as "favorite movie #2". And what is favorite movie #1? You might have already guessed it. If not, you're going to need a little more than dew... and universe juice.

What made the movie the most enjoyable? Sharing it with Meredith.

I can't wait to get home and see my sweetheart.

In regards to fishing, a post from Brookies and Browns regarding a fly called the Snake Charmer has haunted me since the day I read it. Kershaw hasn't posted jack since September 2011 (hey, give him a break, he's a brand new pharmacist, can you blame him?), but this post has stuck with me.

And check out the video. Pretty good stuff.

As I revisited his blog to find the post and the pattern, I was amazed to see that the body of this fly is basically a Gurgler! This fly on the 3/0 looks absolutely massive, and Kershaw's pictures on his post of his rendition really piqued my interest.
Could this be tied on a Gammy #2 or #3 hook? Probably. Would it be more effective in those sizes than in the 3/0 for Pike and LMB? Probably not. 80 lb. mono for the weedguard? Seems excessive, but what are some thoughts out there?
Trying to fool a bass is pretty easy to do, I've discovered, but the better the surface action, the better. I wonder how that tail looks in the water.


  1. I spent many years on the road and it's always good to get home.


  2. That is definitely an intriguing looking fly!!! I am quite surprised at that the mono weedguard keeps it from hanging up. I have been searching for a fly that I can throw into some nasty nasty stuff....

    1. That weed guard can be applied to just about anything. I love the good, stiff mono for pulling mice lookalikes through weeds and watching bass 'flush the toilet' on them, as they say. One of these days I want to try a double weed guard on something.