Saturday, May 18, 2013

Captain's Log - Lunch Report

Sorry to talk about logs and lunch, but today was a good day!

I hit up a spot to find the blues plenty active. Water clarity at about 3 feet, I caught sight of a 8 inch. LMB cruising the shallows along a weed pocket. The foliage is getting thick underwater, so spawning and LMB ambush is at a high.

Gear was in the other car, so I only had two flies, a bunny-hair leech and a stealth bomber. No action on the bomber as it was HUGE, but the bunny-hair leech was productive. Got a green sunfish and watch several strikes on bass. Lost all the bass. Learned two things:

1. Always use a sharp hook. Before trying to hook the wet bunny leech to my boot, I noticed I could actually see the tip bent, and it didn't even scratch my thumbnail. No wonder I was missing them!

2. Don't hook wet, dull, barbless flies to your boot. You will lose them.

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