Thursday, July 12, 2012

How-To: The Stealth Bomber

So, I got another gift card to Bass Pro. I used it to pick up some more supplies. I grabbed some materials for the Stealth Bomber, and using instructions from the internet, got to tying.

Ready your hook. I used a Gammy B10S #2 here.  A little too small on the foam for the size.

Tie in your tail material. Original calls for bucktail and flashabou or krystal flash. I used maribou and fox.

Using a template found online ( and look under tying), cut out your foam. Then, after making sure the part where the foam starts to spread is just behind the eye of the hook, tie the foam down at the rear of the shank.

Tie in dubbing and dub 60%. 

Tie down foam, and dub up to behind eye. I used black woolly bugger chenille. Tie down the foam again.

Dub the rest of the way, then tie down again.

Backwards wrap to get to the middle tie-down of the three, then fold the "tail" of the foam over and tie down. Remember, the higher the loop, the more bubbles created in the jerk.

Tie on an underwing of the material of your choice, then fold the flanged back and tie down. Tie in two legs on each side for a total of 8, and you're done after the finish of your choice.

I tied another one on the much smaller hook Jim gifted me. Lost one last night going after bluegill, so the smaller one is a good size for big panfish. 

Not that I lost it last night to a fish. I didn't. I lost it to a stump in the lake.

Went out to Cunningham two days ago and tried the Stealth Bomber with a Leech Bunny dropper. Hooked into a nice 13" bass with a decent tug. Blood on the tail fin. Looked like he'd been in a fight. 

Can't wait to try the darker color. I still can't seem to entice the cats!

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