Monday, July 2, 2012

A great birthday.

So, today is my birthday.

I'm 9 years old inside. I really love my birthdays. I got lots of cool things, of course, and got to spend some time with my family after work. Here's the breakdown:

DisneyNature Oceans was my daughter Ruth's gift choice, which we watched before I went to BPS with my gift card (thanks Jenny.) That was fantastic. I highly recommend this when you have a young child fascinated by the natural world.

One sad part, the baby turtles hatched out of the sand and everyone was happy... then the birds started swooping in for a snack. My daughter, breaking into tears, urged that, "They have shells to protect them!"

Broke my heart having to talk about how Heavenly Father gave them shells to protect them, and also has to feed those birds. Sad that it has to be that way to a 4 year old.

Oh yeah, buddy. I wanted to go to BPS as soon as I got my card, but my wife told me to wait. And this is why: the plethora of patterns Tom Rosenbauer presents herein. 

Then I went to BPS. It was hard to choose what $25 should go towards. Here's what I bought:

For Bunny Leeches.

For Bead-head Buggers and soft hackles.

White buggers with olive hackle.

For buggers and bunny leeches.

... yeah, buggers.

The hackle. 

Word up. Tight lines, everyone!

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  1. Your $25.00 went a long way. Now you can tie your heart out.