Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Largemouth Bass on a streamer? Of course!

Today's story begins nigh on ten years ago, maybe more. It was junior high and high school time, and I was on a private swim team during the summer. To make things interesting, my then coach, Jeff Stalnaker, decided he would let me don a t-shirt and jeans for most of the daily workout.

Swimming while in clothing is like running while pulling a cart full of bricks.

Why mention this on a fishing blog, you say? Well, because trying to cast a dropper rig comprised of a deer hair mouse and a #6 Olive Woolly bugger is like running while pulling a cart full of bricks.

Went out very early this morning and started pulling in gorgeous true bluegill, or bream. Large-bodied with bright orange breasts, they are one of the prettiest species I have caught. I usually catch them pretty stunted, too, but these were great. Above is one example. Caught this on that dropper rig.

This one was caught on the dropper rig, as well. Couldn't feel the strike until I lifted the pole slightly on accident, then set the hook.

After about 30 minutes on that rig, I removed entirely and tied on a #5 streamer of some kind my bro gave me.

Remember swimming with clothes? Yeah, when I took the clothes off, I flew through the water. Same with casting. So much more pleasant under 'normal' circumstances. 

Caught a few more bream on the streamer, then this one.

I love warm-water fly fishing.

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