Monday, April 23, 2012

Early morning fog, and a putz (Updated)

I rolled into my favorite fishing hole bright and early, about 5:30. Leader was too short, so had to tie a double surgeon's and add a couple feet. It was about 39 or 40 degrees out, but the water was warmer from the day before.

Heavy, amazing looking fog. I have to admit, I felt a little freaked out as I crested a bluff and only saw about a hundred yards.

Dropped my black topwater by some familiar structure just at the beginning of the pond, had a bass pop it on the second cast. Too dark for a picture. A nice porker, about 13 inches. They obviously have been feeding very heavily, because I have been catching them with fat bellies.

Fog cleared up down the bank, so I pocketed my fears of mist-born killer pumas and walked to my cove down the shoreline. Started dropping my popper around structure, had some big green sunfish hit it. Nothing else.

Second bass was caught at the end of the morning off of a point. Dropped the popper six feet from shore, and wham!

About 13 more inches. Once again, very chunky. I suppose they could be females about ready to spawn.

Headed back to my car to end my day, and caught site of some amazing wildlife:

the elusive putz,  Muchus idiottus

It was male, and it locked it's keys in the car. 


For the second time in a week. 

I was able to grab a picture before he broke down into tears.

Wife came to the rescue, and I learned how to break into my own car using a shim and a coat hanger. What a day!


  1. Its face is so cute! Love you. :)

  2. Nice looking fly... is that your own design?

    1. I wish I could claim credit. I have a couple of years before I can afford fly tying materials and tools. No, my brother sent it to me a while back. I think he got it at Cabela's. Works great, though!