Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jointed fun on the "Must Tie" List

Jointed Minnow - Sunfish

Picture courtesy of Warm Water Fly Tyer
We are about 6 weeks from the normal 55/35 degree weeks that will melt the ice. Ants will start sending Swarmers out into the open instead of into people's basements. Other overwintering crawlies - aquatic and terrestrial - will pop out and set the Green Sunfish into heavy feeding patterns. Mid- to large-size Large-mouth will begin to scout spawn beds and start to get really, really angry with Woolly Buggers that invade their space (like here, paragraph that starts with "Second to last..."). 

My tying gear has been collecting dust for the past few months, but the itch is setting in. 

The Jointed Minnow featured above is on my "must-tie list". I envision its barbless awesomeness attached to my hook guard as I walk through the winter-tight grasses to find that right angle from shore. I envision this baby attracting LMB up in a nice spot, or making a Pike angry out at Lake Wanahoo. 

This year is going to be a good one, as they all are. I can't wait to get rockin' and rollin'. 

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  1. Anthony
    Glad to you back on the blog circuit. Hopefully we will all be back on the water soon.