Tuesday, November 27, 2012

HOW-TO: Bypass BIOS password on Toshiba P755 Satellite

Along with being a fly-fisherman, I consider myself to be a student of IT. I did it a lot in High School, have always done it as a hobby, and now have a part-time night job in it at Layton Flower Technologies owned by Chad Gross.

One particular little roadblock came in to the office: a Toshiba P755 Satellite with an unknown BIOS password.

After researching how to bypass a pesky BIOS password on this family of laptop, and trying lots of things on the internet (which were all close, but wrong, by the way), I finally figured it out.

Here is the step-by-step. Hope the internet benefits!
Bypassing the BIOS password is easy, and is not laid out correctly as of today (11/28/12) on the internet. Here are the steps!

1. Flip the laptop over, unplugging it and removing the battery.

2. Remove the covers to the RAM compartment and the HDD.
3. Remove the HDD and both sticks of RAM.
4. Remove the sticker with the barcodes on it that is just below the RAM on the MOBO, then reinsert the top stick of RAM.

A. (For the following, any improvised tool will work, but this one worked for me.) Find a twist tie.
B. Strip a half inch of plastic off of each end.
C. Using your fingers, twist the bare wire together down to the tip. Use a pair of dikes to trim the tips flush.
5. Plug in the laptop with the battery and HDD still removed.
6. With the top stick of RAM still inserted, locate a small pair of golden nodes with the letters "JPSW"
7. Stand the laptop slightly open on it's side, charge-port up.
8. Contact each node with one tip of the shorting tool.
9. With your free hand, reach around and boot the laptop. The screen should flicker and it should boot normally after a few seconds.

You are set!
Tight lines everyone. I may not know the answers right away, but I know someone that does.

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