Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Patience, Young Grasshoppa.

Two years ago, I tied my first plastic crawdad onto an offset shank and, armed with my newly acquired internet knowledge, I tried to catch Largemouth Bass on spinning gear. And I succeeded… but not until the following season. For some reason I had to patiently wait until the following fishing season to see any success.

Patience is funny that way. As my family and I sit around our Scriptures and talk about what patience is, I am struck by how often it applies. Sometimes jobs don't come through right away, or pay is less than expected, or technology fails, and the inevitable “D” word jumps right to the front of our minds as we struggle.

No, not that “D” word. I mean "delay." (I don't recommend swearing.)

The point is, sometimes we create our own delays or come up against them naturally. Patience is the art of expecting that delay and knowing that there is a greater reward in waiting.

Just like I tried and failed one year, I waited patiently for the next opportunity to try plastics, and I succeeded. Then I was successful with any plastic. Things worked out.

This year, I haven't caught a carp or catfish yet on my fly rod, despite new flies and multiple, multiple attempts. I've actually found myself withdrawing from attempts more lately because of it.

But, as I think about it, I should expect this delay, and wait until things fall into place. Because they will.

And when they do, they'll bend the snot out of my rod. Just gotta be patient!


  1. Patience is a virtue they say. I always thought older people were by nature grumpy, but that's not the case (since I'm now considered older). Older people just don't have patience.


  2. You will get your Carp and Cat! Carp can be tough, especially when sight fishing, but truly a rewarding catch. Stay patient my friend and persistent.