Thursday, May 3, 2012

White River Fly Shop® Hobbs Creek® Fly Line

About a year ago, a fly-fishing enthusiast passed me in the hall at church. 

Having noticed my  Facebook posts about recent investment into the hobby of fly fishing, he stopped, smiled and commented on my recent purchases. I had bought 10 lb. monofilament, some flies, and a nail knot tool.

We chatted, but I was dying to find out his preferences on something specific. Fly line, of course!

So, I asked him:

"Hey, what kind of fly line do you buy?"

"Oh," he said, "I throw the cheap, $20 stuff. I figure if I can cast with that, I can cast awesome with the good stuff."

Amen, brutha. Amen.

White River Fly Shop® Hobbs Creek® Fly Line 



It's yellow, it's cheap, and it has more memory than your iPad. It stretches, it catches, and, with love, it shoots like an arrow.

  1. Cost: 
    • It's only twenty dollars.
  2. Castability: 
    • See my friend's comment above. It is smooth!
  3.  Durability: 
    • Given the cost, I bought it two years ago, and it's still going great! Great return on not a lot of investment.
  1. Opportunity cost:
    • I don't have any idea what I'm missing in a more expensive fly line.
  2. Memory:
    • No, seriously. More than your iPad.
  3. Memory: 
    • Can't stress it enough. A massive coil at your feet is hard to deal with, and I have it every time during my 40 ft. casts.

Anyone else have similar experiences with it?

Let me conclude by saying, again, I LOVE THIS FLY LINE. I really do. As a beginner doing my best to get by on a limited budget, I could not have wished for a better line.

*NOTE: I am blogging about this because of how I really feel about it. However, if you do decide to try this line out, try ordering using the link attached to the above picture. I admit without any shame that doing so would contribute to my love of the sport monetarily, as I am an Amazon affiliate for this stuff.

By the way, when I say the line needs a good stretch, I mean go catch a ton of fish on it.


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  1. Anthony
    I bought some of this line and I am using it on one of my reels and really like the ease of cast it produces. By the way Hobbs Creek puts out a good fly rod too. Thanks for sharing